TOTAL CAPABILITY from design to completion is our goal. This consists of:

1. Feasibility Studies

Our teamís aim to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed venture with special emphasis placed on the projectís financial viability. This includes:

Gran Anse Beach Resort (Grenada)

  • Project definition
  • Conceptual Engineering
  • Specifications
  • Estimates
  • Project Implementation Plan
  • Statutory Approvals
  • Financing Advice

2. Engineering Designs

Detailed Engineering Designs to justify the structural integrity of our projects

3. Project Management

Our Project Management team brings years of experience and expertise to a job. They coordinate and manage the building process in close collaboration with the client/owner, architect/engineer, and other stakeholders. Our Project Management portfolio:

Atlantic LNG: Structural Steel Erection Trains I, III, IV

  • Schedule Development
  • Project Construction Estimates
  • Budget Analysis / Cost Tracking
  • Contract Administration
  • Human Resource Identification
  • Construction Implementation
  • Value Engineering

4. Construction Management

Our Construction Management team has mastered integrated construction cost control systems, including computerized planning and large-scale labour force management. HKL has also incorporated a complete purchasing and procurement service to competitively source equipment, materials and services. This allows for the efficient planning and execution of construction projects. Our Construction Management Expertise Includes:

Housing Development Company

  • Labour and Budget Management
  • Site Surveys
  • Field Supervision
  • Field Inspection
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Efficient Resource Allocation

Steel Fabrication continues to play a pivotal role in companyís operations, and HKL prides itself on providing more that 90% of all fabrication work for its projects. HKL provides a quality assurance and quality control plan which was implemented and is monitored by a certified testing agency.