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Hafeez Karamath Limited (HKL), successor of Hafeez Karamath Construction Limited (HKCL) is a locally owned and registered company, headquartered in San Juan, Trinidad; West Indies. HKL was established in the year 2000; however its predecessor; HKCL; was established over twenty five (25) years ago.

During the years Hafeez Karamath Limited has grown and developed from a large scale structural steel fabrication and erection firm to an entity that has various interests along the construction value chain; augmenting a comprehensive range of professional services. Today HKL has become one of the Caribbean’s most successful construction companies evident from its historical and ongoing portfolio of projects delivered throughout the region.

A Special Tribute

Mr. Hafeez Karamath

It would be remiss of us not to mention the person who made HKL a reality, Mr. Hafeez Karamath. The passing of Mr. Karamath on November 2nd 2009 has been a great loss to the business community of Trinidad and Tobago.

Mr. Karamath was a firm believer in hard work. His innovative thinking and determination made the HK Group of Companies a benchmark in their respective sectors. His foresight led to the creation of The Desalination Company of Trinidad and Tobago; the largest operating desalination facility in the western hemisphere. Desalcott produces and supplies a minimum of twenty four million gallons of water per day (24 mgd) and provides over 100 locally sourced jobs.

However there was a side to Hafeez Karamath that many never saw; a side that he shielded from the public. Mr. Karamath led an extremely benevolent life. He reasoned the immense success the Group of Companies, and he himself achieved, down to the blessings from the Almighty God.Thus, he was one not to turn away a plea for help. He assisted numerous families, communities and NGO’s not only in Trinidad but all around the world.

Even today employees of the HK Group and acquaintances picked up over the years speak in admiration of Mr. Karamath and continue to hold him in high esteem. Though he is no longer with us, his spirit remains a big part of the HKL family. His personality and work ethic will always be embedded in the culture of the HK Group. The passing of the former Executive Chairman led to the appointment of the current Executive Chairman, Mr. Yashmid Ellis Karamath.


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